Allow the internet to control your Hue lights via Twitter!
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by @alexpgates

Kitchencolors is a project that allows the internet to decide the color of your Philips Hue bulbs / LightStrips.

The vast majority of this code was forked from outadoc's twitter-mentions-pushover. I stripped out the Pushover stuff and instead push requests to hue-cli.

This is a very quick first pass and a little rough around the edges.

  • Create a Twitter account and grab your API keys after creating your Application on
  • Make sure Node.js is installed
  • Grab hue-cli and get it configured and working from your command line
  • edit the exec() command on line 58 of bot.js to set which lights you want to control. (You'll get this after you have hue-cli up and running).
  • edit config.json with your twitter keys
  • node bot.js, and give it a try!