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Sound-Augmented-Reality experience.

Stickers let bands share the same stage. Get out on the street and just listen.
(This prototype requires a GPS-enabled device, some sort of speaker, a reasonable amount of battery, and to be used at 45°30'13.5"N 9°09'49.1"E on Planet Earth)

Data Walk Workshop by Yanni Loukissas

Georgia Tech Local Data Design Lab | School of Design, Politecnico di Milano
May 8-12, 2017



The road between the station and the campus is one that is traversed many times by many people every day. As a students’ passage road, many of them use this street as a place to stick their identity and projects through stickers placed on walls, poles and other elements of the street. We set out to explore this part of Bovisa’s identity by mapping the stickers placed on the roads around the campus. We tagged them by place, by category and by surface that they were sticked on. We also decided to focus on one peculiar aspects of the stickers: their ability to link different places and dimensions, eventually erasing distance by spreading a message where the sticker is placed.


For our data walk, we decided to zoom into the dataset that we built during our research, allowing users to zoom on the bands’ stickers and on individual bands. Each sticker is viewed as a speaker that diffuses music from that band, and multiple tracks from different bands fight for the people’s attention just as the stickers themselves are placed on the other: as you get closer to a band’s sticker, the volume of the track rises, and multiple tracks get on top of the others as multiple stickers are placed close together. This creates a mix of sounds that at first may seem chaotic, but generates a soundtrack that is inherently local and dictated by people.


Starting from our data walk, we designed an app that functions as the core experience of the walk and building upon it. The app features aspects as visualizations about where the band’s stickers lead to and the ability to save stickers on a personal wall. The app could be expanded as a means for independent bands to connect with people in a more local way, where bands place their stickers and augment the reality around them with sounds and tracks.

Project by

Valeria Sonia Aufiero —
Andrea Benedetti —
Simone Costagliola —
Alessandro Zotta —

Code by

Alessandro Zotta


Prototype for GPS enabled devices:



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