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First release of Meshroom, based on AliceVision 2.0.0.

Prebuilt binaries on this page are all-in-one packages including AliceVision and all required resources.
To start the application, unzip the archive and launch Meshroom executable.
A video overview of Meshroom is available here.

Requirement: NVIDIA CUDA-enabled GPU (compute capability >= 2.0).

Linux: on some distributions (e.g Ubuntu), you may have conflicts between native drivers and mesa drivers, resulting in an empty black window. In that case, you need to force usage of native drivers by adding them to the LD_LIBRARY_PATH: LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/nvidia-340 ./Meshroom
You may need to adjust the folder /usr/lib/nvidia-340 with the correct driver version.

See Changelog for more details.