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the fact daemon
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Factsd is the facts daemon. It lets you get/set variables (facts) over HTTP, so you can access them from multiple machines. It supports flexible access control, so you can give certain devices specific access to factsd.


  • pip install git+
  • factsd initdb
  • factsd serve

Use cases

  • Tasker on your phone sets a parking location fact when you get out of your car. You can view a map of it on your computer or retrieve it on your phone.
  • Your tea coaster sets a fact about the temperature of your tea. You set up a change handler webhook that sends you a notification on Slack when your tea is at a drinkable temperature.
  • You send your currently associated wifi network to a fact in factsd, then use factsd's history functionality to automatically fill out a timesheet with the time you spent at work.
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