Remove incubator from the URL of the repositories #202

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I've also changed the Apache URL to use HTTPS instead of HTTP.

Note that the github mirror still says

mirrored from git://**incubator-**groovy.git


looks good - I did just try merging it but it looks like some permissions for repo authorisation on the new repo are still pending

@asfgit asfgit closed this in fdb3dcd Dec 2, 2015
@rahulsom rahulsom added a commit to rahulsom/incubator-groovy that referenced this pull request Dec 6, 2015
@rahulsom rahulsom Merge branch 'master' of
* 'master' of (59 commits)
  GROOVY-7694 Results of spread safe method calls should be stored in temporary variables Closes #200
  Fixed typo in javadoc
  Remove incubator from the URL of the repositories (closes #202)
  GROOVY-7673: Remove synchronized methods of groovy.sql.Sql and document it as not thread-safe
  fix findbugs warning concerning performance of integer parsing
  GROOVY-7688 Spread safe method call receivers with side effects should not be visited twice * StaticInvocationWriter#makeCall: use temporary variables for spread safe receiver expressions which are not variable or constant expressions * StaticTypesStatementWriter#writeOptimizedForEachLoop: remove temporary variables from compileStack after their use Closes #199
  GROOVY-7538: Bound unbounded wildcards using the type declaration (closes #197)
  GROOVY-7691: Create a test (closes #198)
  JsonSlurper: Improve exception message for parseText(String)
  Change modulo to remainder in operator page (closes #195)
  GROOVY-7342 Last enum value is hidden if annotated * Try syntactic predicate for enum constant before predicate for end of enum constants Closes #194
  Default value of includePackage of toString is true (closes #193)
  GROOVY-7680: Bump gradle to version 2.9 (closes #192)
  wiki-snaphot.pdf is not checked in anymore, so do not try to copy it into the documentation distribution
  TLP: delete Groovy Podling Maturity Assessment
  Removed useless synchronized block and comment; they were probably a leftover after commit 17ee95e.
  The usage of the PROP_NAMES HashMap was not thread safe because the access was synchronized only for "put" operations and not for "get" operations: since HashMap is not thread safe all access to get/put operations must be checked. Reimplemented in a thread safe way by leveraging a ConcurrentHashMap: in this way the synchronized block is no more required. (closes #8)
  GROOVY-7675: Compiler customization builder not resolve secureAst properties (closes #190)
  GROOVY-7442 Spread-dot operator within assert isn't expected with @CompileStatic * Add unit test (issue fixed as side effect of changes for GROOVY-7656)
@fpavageau fpavageau deleted the fpavageau:not_in_incubator_anymore branch Dec 17, 2015
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