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Mirror of Apache Traffic Server
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build TS-3759 Eliminate -Ilib/ts
ci Correct connect_attempts tests to match the implementation we settled on
cmd Fixed compile errors when using -Werror
contrib TS-3145: CHANGES
doc TS-3848: Documentation update.
example TS-3759 Eliminate -Ilib/ts
iocore TS-3461 changes sizeof() to not use non-static member variables
lib TS-3877: clang-format
mgmt TS-3848: Extend wait_for_cache to specify dependency on cache initial…
plugins TS-3889 Avoid reenabling the txn before we release the mbuf
proxy TS-3890 clang-format
rc TS-3698: Add Gentoo support to rc script
tools TS-3891 Split clang-format target into sub-trees
.clang-format TS-3419 Reduce to C++03, required for compiling on CentOS5/6
.gitignore Ignore test_Huffmancode
.gitmodules TS-3030 Remove the LuaJIT sub-module Initial commit.
.vimrc Set line length of 120
CRUFT.txt TS-3170 First stab at cleaning out the mgmt web server stuff
LAYOUT Let's start by not claiming master refers to ATS 2.1...
LICENSE Added regex remap plugin from Yahoo! TS-3891 Split clang-format target into sub-trees
NOTICE clang-format and move copyrights to NOTICES for RAFT code.
README TS-3722 Eliminate the remnants of tstop, which is known only as traff…
README-EC2 Change these two bad boys from DOS line feeds to real one... TS-3647: CPP API for overridable configs. Fixup CPP example plugins t…
REVIEWERS Adding myself to HDRs reviewers
Vagrantfile Fixing Vagrantfile changes
config.layout Runtimedir on Gentoo changed from /var/run to /run Bump master version to 6.1.0
emacs-style TS-95: More RAT fixes and additions to the exclude file.
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