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Colditz Escape

Windows/PSP Build status Linux/OSX Build Status Licence

Colditz Escape Logo

Colditz Escape is a rewritten game engine for the classic "Escape From Colditz" Amiga game. In this game, you control a set of four prisoners of war trying to escape from the infamous Colditz Castle WWII prison.

The original game, created by Mike Halsall and John Law (with intro music by Bjørn Lynne), was published in 1991 by Digital Magic Software. This new version, which allows you to play the game on Windows, Linux, macOS and PSP platforms, has been reverse engineered from the original Amiga game engine and is released under a GPL v3 license.

For more information, see the documentation.

Latest Builds

Below are self contained game archives, based on the very latest version of the code. Just extract these files, and you're good to go!

Features that might be of interest to you within this source

  • Automated builds using Travis CI and AppVeyor, for Windows, Linux, OSX and PSP, including release artifact deployment to github.
  • Code for a cross-platform abstracted sound player that supports Windows (XAudio2), Linux (ALSA/PulseAudio), OSX (Core Audio) and PSP.
  • IFF image loader (graphics.cload_iff())
  • RAW texture loader, with or without Alpha (graphics.cload_raw_rgb())
  • OpenGL 2D rescale (graphics.crescale_buffer())
  • line/bitplane interleaved interleaved to RGBA texture conversion (graphics.cline_interleaved_to_wGRAB() and bitplane_to_wGRAB())
  • Bytekiller 1.3 decompression algorithm (low-level.cuncompress())
  • PowerPacker decompression (low-level.cppDecrunch(), courtesy of 'amigadepacker' by Heikki Orsila)
  • Generic GLSL OpenGL zoom shaders (HQ2X, HQ4X, 5XBR, SABR in graphics.ccompile_shaders())