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Course exercise: sampling online graphs
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Lab exercise in Advanced Topics in Distributed Systems: Sampling Massive Online Graphs


Data source
- or ./ 



Implement graph size estimation using the following sampling techniques:
(a) Uniform Independent Sample Without Replacement, 
(b) Uniform Independent Sample With Replacement, 
(c) Weighted Independent Sample With Replacement (with weights equal to node degrees), 
(d) Random Walk (Metropolis-Hastings and Reweighted)
    1) using all nodes, 
    2) every k-th node,
    3) the weights are node degrees 

What do you observe?


1) Python
2) networkx (easy_install networkx)
3) gnuplot


Where to start?

Each sampling technique is contained in its own file (except UIS_WOR which doesn't make sense since there wont be any collisions). For example, to start a full MHRW sample run: 

UIS_WR and WIS_WR samples are self-contained. Run as:
     python or python

RWRW is broken. 


Generate graphs

Run 'gnuplot generate.graph' to create some (good looking) graphs.
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