Geographical functions for Zotonic with admin UI based on Google maps
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Support for displaying maps and adding geographical locations to :term:resources <resource> in the admin.

Uses Google Maps for display of maps in the admin.

This module is a fork of (mod_geomap)[], but has been simplified: Google Maps is used in the admin interface, and the pivot columns are no longer quadtile encoded but just 2 floating-point columns in the rsc table, for portability and ease of querying.


For Google Maps to work, add a config key called mod_geo.api_key which must contain a valid Google Maps API key.

Search query: geo_nearby

The module exposes a new search query type called geo_nearby, which is used like this:

{% with[{geo_nearby id=1306 distance=10}] as results %}

Required parameters are id or (lat+lng), and distance (which specifies the search radius in kilometers).

The results are ordered, the nearest location is given first. (When the id parameter is given, the first result is thus the id itself).

Optional parameters are cat, which can be a list of categories to which to restrict the resulting resources to.

Service: /api/geo/nearby

Retrieve a list of resources with (basic) information about them, all of which are in the vicinity of the given resource or lat/lng pair.

Internally uses the geo_nearby search mechanism, and has the same parameters.

It returns a list of JSON objects with for each resource the following resource properties: id, title, summary, location_lat, location_lng, location_zoom_level, created, modified, publication_start, image_url.