An iOS application designed to assist sufferers of panic and anxiety related disorders using a suite of four proven, psychotherapy-based interventions and grounding techniques.
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Welcome to the "SFUnwind" iOS application gitHub repository. This is my personal duplicate of the final SFUnwind repository.

Version 3 of the SFUnwind application was developed by Adam Badke, Berke Boz, David Magaril and Joseph Zhou.

For more information, check out  and

Installation and build instructions:
1) Download the build as a zip file using the "Clone or download" button above
2) Extract the contents of the zip file
3) Open the ./ProjectGroup5/SFUnwind/SFUnwind.xcodeproj file using the Xcode IDE, version 8.2.1 for MacOS
4) Click Product -> Build to compile
  -> Note: You may need to configure your personal bundle identifier and Team signing settings in the SFUnwind.xcodeproj file
5) Click Product -> Run to launch the application on the destination configured in Xcode