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Simple script for submiting links to reddit, based
on existing RSS feed.

  reddit_api >= 1.0     (
  feedparser >= 5.0.1   (apt-get install python-feedparser)

Uses shelve module (which uses anydbm, which uses Berkley DB)
for storing what was uploaded.

Example configuration in file example_config.ini,
pass it as argument to

Know what are you doing before using this script.
Read reddit term of usage, and do not spam reddit unacassarly.
Not following sane behaviour will end with account or IP address blocked.

  - OPML parser
  - use updateFrequency and other meta-informations from feed
  - adjust frequency dynamically, depending how often it changes beeteewen updates.

Known Issues:
  - needs UTF-8 locale settings to work properly
      * enable quiet mode to prevent printing new (or any) post titles
      * make sure you run with correct locales (actually terminal settings),
        it can be useful to set LC_ALL=en_US.UTF-8 LANG=en_US.UTF-8
        (usefull when calling ressit in non-daemon mode from cron).
        You can set it cron, or apply locales system-wide.