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Emoji data from Emojipedia 😎

Basic Usage

>>>from emojipedia import Emojipedia
>>>taco ='taco')
# <Emoji - 'Taco' - character: 🌮, description: A taco; a Mexican fo...>


To install, simply run pip install emojipedia.

To install from source, run the following from within the main project directory:

python build
python install


from emojipedia import Emojipedia

# Search for emoji by title
taco ='taco')

# Emojipedia description
print(taco.description)  # "A taco; a Mexican food item displayed with a variety of fillings. ..."

# Emojipedia codepoints
print(taco.codepoints)  # "U+1F32E"

# Emojipedia listed platforms 
# Contains title, Emojipedia platform url, and platform specific emoji img url
platforms = taco.platforms 
print(platforms[0])  # Platform(name=u'Apple', image_url=u'.../taco_1f32e.png')

joy ='face-with-tears-of-joy')
# Emoji shortcodes
joy.shortcodes  # ":joy:"

# Search for emoji by emoji
smirk ='😏')
# Custom Emoji string preview
print(str(smirk))  # <Emoji - 'Smirking Face' - character: 😏, description: A sly smile, often u...>

# Get a category of emoji
people = Emojipedia.category('people')
people[0].title  # <Emoji - 'Grinning Face' - character: 😀, description: A face with a big op...>
print(len(people))  # 306

# Get all the emoji
# NOTE: This is temporarily broken, as it seems visiting always times out
emojis = Emojipedia.all()
print(len(emojis))  # 2621
for emoji in emojis:


Read more about python-emojipedia on the ReadTheDocs page.


Contributions to python-emojipedia are welcomed! 😁

  1. Fork the repo.
  2. Create a new feature branch.
  3. Add your feature / make your changes.
  4. Install pep8 and run pep8 *.py in the root project directory to lint your changes. Fix any linting errors.
  5. Create a PR.
  6. ???
  7. 🎉 Profit. 🎉