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Helios server
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Latest commit 8e687ea @benadida ignore google dev cache
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helios Merge pull request #112 from dmgawel/fix-csrf-tokens
helios_auth Merge pull request #107 from benadida/issue-106-clever-auth
heliosbooth Simplified the voting process (for Bitcoin Foundation).
heliosverifier updated sjcl
selenium added first selenium test
server_ui updated all url tags
templates first commit of iacr helios
.gitignore ignore google dev cache
.travis.yml upgraded travis
CONTRIBUTORS.txt merged in Emily Stark's SJCL integration, tweaked a bit better install instructions
Procfile whoops concurrency Update
build-helios-main-site-js.txt compressed booth JS added ability to email a single user improved tasks and added email debugging more on password extraction working towards wsgi runnability
migrate-to-3.5.sql ignoring a few extra files and adding manual info for migrating to He…
migrate-to-3.5.txt ignoring a few extra files and adding manual info for migrating to He…
requirements.txt moved to modern django connection pooling (of sorts) Automatic commit: replace auth by helios_auth everywhere
runtime.txt updated requirements and runtime XFrameOptionsMiddleware added began update to django 1.6 working towards wsgi runnability

Helios Election System

Helios is an end-to-end verifiable voting system.

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