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Bebop logo; The word Bebop, but the second B is replaced with a saxophone with ones and zeros coming out of it.

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Bebop is a schema-based binary serialization technology, similar to Protocol Buffers or MessagePack. In particular, Bebop tries to be a good fit for client–server or distributed web apps that need something faster, more concise, and more type-safe than JSON or MessagePack, while also avoiding some of the complexity of Protocol Buffers, FlatBuffers and the like.

Bebop is fast! Read the initial release blog for benchmarks and more info.


To find the latest release of the Bebop compiler and its corresponding runtimes, visit the release page.


Bebop is documented on this repository's wiki. Here are some quick links to get you started:


If you want to get familiar with the schema language and see what the generated code looks like, try out the web REPL.

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