table name ambiguity when including spaces #150

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I have the following named scope:

=> 15

I also have this scope:

=> 2

customer is a table. customer_referrer is a table.

When I try this, it breaks: :cases_service_type_case_customer_referrer_last_name_like => "Williams", :order => :desce
NoMethodError: undefined method descend_by_referrer_last_name' for #<Class:0x7f6c4651d560> from /home/jesse/bsm/ccn/vendor/plugins/searchlogic/lib/searchlogic/named_scopes/conditions.rb:88:inmethod_missing'
from /home/jesse/bsm/ccn/vendor/plugins/searchlogic/lib/searchlogic/named_scopes/association_conditions.rb
:19:in `method_missing'

Did you see what it did there? It looks like it sees 'customer_referrer' and interprets it as 'customer.referrer'.

Is there a work around for this sort of thing?

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