use $(MAKE) in the makefile, so FreeBSD will use the right make tool (gmake) #1990

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robbak commented Nov 6, 2012

After the leveldb import, src/makefile.unix has the 'make' command for leveldb hard coded. When a build is run on FreeBSD, it uses the system make, which uses different syntaxes.
Using the macro $(MAKE) will cause it to run gmake, and the build will work.

Diapolo commented Nov 10, 2012

@robbak You should not merge upstream changes but rebase your pull onto current master. The way this pull is now it won't be accepted I think.

  • git checkout "local branch"
  • git fetch upstream
  • git rebase upstream
  • git push origin "local branch" -f

gavinandresen commented Nov 10, 2012

Needs to be rebased into one commit, and the same change should be made to the other OS's Makefiles.

robbak closed this Nov 13, 2012


robbak commented Nov 13, 2012

I've messed up my clone, so I'll do it again, the right way.

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