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C++ Standard Draft Sources

These are the sources used to generate drafts of the C++ standard. These sources should not be considered an ISO publication, nor should documents generated from them unless officially adopted by the C++ working group (ISO/IEC JTC1/SC22/WG21).


To regenerate figures from .dot files, run:

dot -o<pdfname> -Tpdf <dotfilename>

For example:

dot -ofigstreampos.pdf -Tpdf figstreampos.dot

To regenerate the grammar appendix, run the following from the source directory:


To regenerate the cross-references appendix, run the following from the source directory:


To typeset the draft document:

  1. run pdflatex std until there are no more changed labels or changed tables
  2. run makeindex generalindex
  3. run makeindex libraryindex
  4. run makeindex grammarindex
  5. run makeindex impldefindex
  6. run pdflatex std twice more.


A great deal of gratitude goes out to Pete Becker for his amazing work in the original conversion of the C++ standard drafts to LaTeX, and his subsequent maintenance of the standard drafts up to C++11. Thank you Pete.