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Introducing platform to creators/authors of Bootstrap html templates.

Your customers need a useful editor to customise your templates. Now you can supply the most appropriate tool:

To take advantage of you need to follow a few simple steps:

  • think about all parts of template (html element, css class) that should be available to user for edit (see also: bot)
  • create xml profile for your template (you can use Generator or any text editor)
  • make sure it works as expected
    • upload your project
    • add new file brix-profile.xml to main directory and replace its content with xml code from Generator
    • open or reopen html file

If you use Save attribute to create sections, go to Settings and click Create sections. Reload html file and check auto-generation of sections.

Do not forget to include brix-profile.xml in zip archive of your template.

Make over your template description with the information that there's an easy modification with You can either use the links (pictures or text) from this site.

<a href="">
  <img src="">

<a href="">
  <img src="">

Author's account

You can take over the project in editor, or sign up on page. You are not obliged to use but it's free for template authors, thus you can bring into play the Gallery and Try function.

To employ Gallery or Try function:

  • go to Panel
  • upload your project
  • click project Settings
  • set Available for Try
  • set project sharing in Gallery (link to Marketplace, add to Templates Gallery)