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brix.io FAQ

How to create multi-column forms?

It's easy. Place your form in a bootstrap grid. Show me.

How to change image label?

Select brick and click Insert Code icon

How to change text font?

Add class to html element, click on class name (displayed in element properties), change font.

Is it possible to share My Bricks?

Yes, just add your bricks to the project (saved in .dat and xml file).

Css file change (less files).

Check for same-name.less file. Brix.io compile less files and overwrite same-name.css files (in the same directory).

Brick and CSS


How to save html section inside project?

Select html element, click Add to My Bricks and then Add to Project.

How to set Img/Src parameter?

Click image element, image properties window opens, select or upload image.

How to upload image and set Src parameter?

Double click image element and select local file.

How to work with files?

Use File Manager in left sidebar. Show me.

How to change file/directory name or create copy of an item?

Right click on a file in File Manager section. Select desired action.


Readonly describe place as read only - editor does not allow to put bricks inside.