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Web Bricks and Sections

You are not limited to Bootstrap components. You can create your own elements/structures and save them as Sections for later use or sharing, as long as it is valid html5 .

What is a brick / section

Brick is a piece of html code with some rules of its behaviour. You do not need to worry about code. You interact with a brick as a whole component. Position it on page and set some of its attributes (or keep default). Editor checks brick rules for you. Only valid actions for brick placement are allowed (ex. you cannot place input form control inside another input form control). Brick is an alternative name for element on html screen.

Add Section
  • Select desired element on design work area of the editor.
  • Click "Add Section" button on properties' left sidebar.
  • Modal window opens with code snippet preview.
  • Type in a name for the brick.
  • Select share option (don't share / share as public).
  • Click "Add to User" or "Add to project"
    • Add to User: new brick is visible and reusable in all your projects.
    • Add to Project: new brick is visible and reusable in current project only.

Your bricks are stored in left sidebar "Sections" panel.

  • Click on, or drag&drop brick to use.
  • Click on a star icon above brick to add Section to Favourites.
  • Click on a cog icon above brick to update or remove a Section.


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