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Each type of html element has specific properties.

For example, image <img> has the src and alt attribute, link <a> has href and target etc... . adds html attributes as properties to elements for non default values.

For Bootstrap components manages their respective properties.

All property changes are instantly rendered in screen editor work area.

To access element properties select the element to edit.

You can select an element by clicking on it. Selected element is highlighted with blue frame.

Brick properties list opens in properties window and left sidebar.

Properties window

To open properties window select an element and click blue cog icon.

List of properties displayed in properties window relies on selected element type. There are:

  • Most important properties
  • Text alignment

For your convenience you can also:

  • drag it to any convenient place on the screen and scroll its content
  • close it by click X on properties window title bar or click on body element in breadcrumbs
  • click twice on element to open / close properties window

Properties window

see also:

Left sidebar

Exact list of props depends on specified element, nevertheless here you can find:

  • Main section:

    • element type
    • id
    • name
    • class
  • Style section (collapsible):

    • color related properties
    • font related properties
    • margin related properties
    • width and height
    • etc...
  • Other properties section (collapsible):

    • text related props
    • visibility related props
    • etc...