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C-Layer Ethereum monorepo
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Compliance Layer SmartContracts

Welcome to the C-Layer Ethereum monorepo.


Provide an administrable layer over the Ethereum blockchain protocol.

One of the foremost use case is the support of regulated asset classes and financial services.


C-Layer token

Currently, the C-Layer supports the tokenization of the following assets: Bonds, Equity, Payment and Utility. All tokens are evolving around the concept of the CToken.

The CToken extends the ERC20 standard with the following features:

  • Operable: provide an owner and ability to delegate restricted features to operators
  • Auditability: track sendings and receiptions
  • Proofs of ownership: store balance history within Ethereum state
  • Rule Engine: ERC-1592 (see below)
  • Claims: provides claims based on token balance or generated proofs of ownership
  • Seize: authorize operators to seize any tokens. Any seizure will emit a Seize events in the Ethereum history.

A CToken supply can be managed in two ways:

  • either through multiple mint operations followed by a finishMinting to prevent further minting
  • through successives issuing and redeeming.

Following ERC-1592, the token contains a rule engine. It allows to plug rules which follow the IRule interface implementations. Available rules are:

  • YesNoRule: accept or refuse all transfers (used for testing)
  • FreezeRule: reject sending and receiving for an address or the token until a specified date,
  • LockRule: lock the token inside or outside a timeframe while allowing some addresses to have either sending or receiving exceptions,
  • KYCRule: lock all addresses which are not contains within a specified user registry.
  • RulesPackage: contains itself a list of sub rules

C-Layer oracle

Three oracles are provided:

  • UserRegistry: contains a list of users alongs with their respective profiling informations.

  • RatesProvider: contains a list of rates for many pairs. Rates history is available through events search.

  • Tokensale: provides a way to operate a tokensale with happend both in FIAT (centralized) and in ETH (decentralized). The tokensale provides also the following features:

    • Contribution limitations based on a user profiles in user registry oracle
    • Automatic conversion from ETHER to FIAT through a rates provider oracle
    • Pre allocations of tokens to specific investors
    • Onchain SPA aggrement (defined as not mandatory)
    • Bonus provided until a certain dates

C-Layer tool

Contains notably:

  • governance contracts
  • several multisig implementations
  • an erc20 vault

Multisig are provided here to demonstrate different approaches.

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