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Vue implementation of the Carbon Design System
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Carbon Components Vue is released under the Apache-2.0 license CircleCI lerna

Vue implementation of the Carbon Design System A collection of Carbon Components implemented using Vue logo Vue.js.

Carbon Vue library

The library provides front-end developers & engineers a collection of reusable Vue components to build websites and user interfaces. Adopting the library enables developers to use consistent markup, styles, and behavior in prototype and production work.

Gettting started

Usage and getting started instructions for @carbon/vue.



A library of the Carbon core components


List of available components

View available Vue Components here. Usage information is available in the notes provided with each story.

Building and publishing

This is a monorepo using lerna. The following steps will build and publish the packages:

  • clone or download the repo;
  • run yarn to install dependencies and bootstrap the packages;
  • run yarn build to build all the packages including the storybook;

If you just want to build an individual package you can limit the scope: yarn build --scope @carbon/vue yarn build --scope storybook

To start the storybook in a local server use yarn start.

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