compute bolometric corrections and synthetic colours for input values of stellar parameters
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Bolometric Corrections and Synthetic Stellar Photometry

The programs and tables below allow users to compute bolometric corrections, synthetic colours and reddening coefficients for a variety of photometric systems given an input effective temperature, surface gravity and metallicity.

  • BCcodes.tar.gz contains FORTRAN programs and shell scripts to be used with the our tables below.

  • BCtables.tar.gz contains tables for the systems described in Casagrande & VandenBerg (2014): Johnson-Cousins, SDSS, HST, 2MASS.

  • BCtables2.tar.gz contains tables for the systems described in Casagrande & VandenBerg (2018a, 2018b): JWST, PanSTARRS1, SkyMapper, Tycho, Hipparcos and Gaia.

For our programs to work, the content of the unpacked .tar files must be in the same directory (i.e., the directories within BCtables and/or BCtables2 must be where files from BCcodes are located). For instructions and examples how to use the computer programs we provide, please read INSTRUCTIONS.txt located in BCcodes.tar.gz. Comparison of our synthetic photometry with observations indicates that performances are overall good across optical and infrared bands (but please, refer to Section 4 of Casagrande & VandenBerg 2014 and 2018a for a discussion of successes and limitations).

Please cite Casagrande & VandenBerg (2014) and/or Casagrande & VandenBerg (2018a, 2018b) if you find these packages useful for your research.