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[1.12.2] 1.80pr1.11

@SquidDev SquidDev released this
· 395 commits to master since this release
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Changes from the last CC:Tweaked release

Another bugfix release, resolving several outstanding issues

  • Rename all tile entities to have the correct computercraft: prefix. Existing tile entities should be mapped via a data fixer, but please tell me if you encounter issues.
  • Fix files not being truncated when opened for a write.
  • .read* methods no longer fail on malformed unicode. Malformed input is replaced with a fake character (this is what CC did before).
  • Fix numerous issues with wireless modems being attached to wired ones.

Minor fixes

  • Prevent deadlocks within the wireless modem code.
  • Create coroutines using a thread pool, rather than creating a new thread each time. This should make short-lived coroutines (such as iterators) much more performance friendly.
  • Create all CC threads under appropriately named thread groups. This has no effect on functionality, but makes debugging a tad easier.