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Bamazon App

To run this app, you will need first setup the DB by:

  • Create the database bamazon by running schema.sql in MySQL Workbench or your favorite mysql editor.

database demo

  • Seed the table product by importing the file products.csv or by running seeds.sql in MySQL Workbench

seeds demo

Customer Option

  • run bamazonCustomer app by node bamazonCustomer.js
  • You will see "Items available for Sale"
  • User select product ID and quantity he/she would like to buy customer demo
  • If quantity isn't available on stock, the user will see a message: customer demo
  • User will be asked to continue or no. If "n" is selected, he/she will see: continue demo

Manager Option

  • run bamazonManager app by node bamazonManager.js
  • You will see a Menu options as follow: Manager Menu options
  • Manager selects an option.
  • For option "View Products for Sale", the Manager will see: Products for Sale
  • For option "View Low Inventory", the Manager will see two options:
  1. List all items with an inventory count lower than five. Low invetory
  2. A message indicating that there is not low inventory No low invetory
  • For option "Add Inventory", the Manager will see prompts asking him/her which item & quantity he/she would like update Add inventory
  • For option "Add new Product", the Manager will be asked details about the product as: New product

For each option, the manager has the option to continue or not: Continue

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