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Compatibility tests for S3 clones
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S3 compatibility tests

This is a set of unofficial Amazon AWS S3 compatibility tests, that can be useful to people implementing software that exposes an S3-like API. The tests use the Boto2 and Boto3 libraries.

The tests use the Nose test framework. To get started, ensure you have the virtualenv software installed; e.g. on Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

and then run:


You will need to create a configuration file with the location of the service and two different credentials. A sample configuration file named s3tests.conf.SAMPLE has been provided in this repo. This file can be used to run the s3 tests on a Ceph cluster started with vstart.

Once you have that file copied and edited, you can run the tests with:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests

You can specify which directory of tests to run:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests.functional

You can specify which file of tests to run:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests.functional.test_s3

You can specify which test to run:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests.functional.test_s3:test_bucket_list_empty

To gather a list of tests being run, use the flags:

-v --collect-only

Some tests have attributes set based on their current reliability and things like AWS not enforcing their spec stricly. You can filter tests based on their attributes:

S3TEST_CONF=aws.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests -a '!fails_on_aws'

Most of the tests have both Boto3 and Boto2 versions. Tests written in Boto2 are in the s3tests directory. Tests written in Boto3 are located in the s3test_boto3 directory.

You can run only the boto3 tests with:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests -v -s -A 'not fails_on_rgw' s3tests_boto3.functional
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