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S3 compatibility tests

This is a set of unofficial Amazon AWS S3 compatibility tests, that can be useful to people implementing software that exposes an S3-like API. The tests use the Boto2 and Boto3 libraries.

The tests use the Nose test framework. To get started, ensure you have the virtualenv software installed; e.g. on Debian/Ubuntu:

sudo apt-get install python-virtualenv

and then run:


You will need to create a configuration file with the location of the service and two different credentials. A sample configuration file named s3tests.conf.SAMPLE has been provided in this repo. This file can be used to run the s3 tests on a Ceph cluster started with vstart.

Once you have that file copied and edited, you can run the tests with:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests

You can specify which directory of tests to run:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests_boto3.functional

You can specify which file of tests to run:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests_boto3.functional.test_s3

You can specify which test to run:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests_boto3.functional.test_s3:test_bucket_list_empty

To gather a list of tests being run, use the flags:

-v --collect-only

Some tests have attributes set based on their current reliability and things like AWS not enforcing their spec stricly. You can filter tests based on their attributes:

S3TEST_CONF=aws.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests -a '!fails_on_aws'

Most of the tests have both Boto3 and Boto2 versions. Tests written in Boto2 are in the s3tests directory. Tests written in Boto3 are located in the s3test_boto3 directory.

You can run only the boto3 tests with:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests -v -s -A 'not fails_on_rgw' s3tests_boto3.functional

STS compatibility tests

This section contains some basic tests for the AssumeRole, GetSessionToken and AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity API's. The test file is located under s3tests_boto3/functional.

You can run only the sts tests (all the three API's) with:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests s3tests_boto3.functional.test_sts

You can filter tests based on the attributes. There is a attribute named test_of_sts to run AssumeRole and GetSessionToken tests and webidentity_test to run the AssumeRoleWithWebIdentity tests. If you want to execute only test_of_sts tests you can apply that filter as below:

S3TEST_CONF=your.conf ./virtualenv/bin/nosetests -v -s -A 'test_of_sts' s3tests_boto3.functional.test_sts

For running webidentity_test you'll need have Keycloak running.

In order to run any STS test you'll need to add "iam" section to the config file. For further reference on how your config file should look check s3tests.conf.SAMPLE.


Compatibility tests for S3 clones




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