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Redis backed, PHP driven, Tublr-easy blogging

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Inspired by the content type simplicity of tumblr, but desireing my own self hosted solution, and unhappy with Wordpress/Drupal like overbearing solutions, I created Kindling.

Kindling is simple blogging system that has a minimilistic admin, no-b.s. template overrides, and is backed by Redis making it insanely fast.


I HIGHLY reccommend that you install the Kindling in your webserver like this:

+ /var/www/
+-- config.php
+-- site/
|   +-- uploads/
|   +-- index.php
|   +-- css/
|   +-- js/
|   +-- img/
+-- code/
+-- theme/

The Kindling code should be placed inside the code folder. The docroot for your virtual host should be pointed at the /var/www/ folder. This ensures that the only PHP file in your docroot is index.php, while the remaining exposed files are all static files.

After that, you must also have the site/uploads/ folder present so that you may upload images. (You will also likely need to set the permissions of that folder to allow upload — Kindling will attempt to do this on its own, but may fail and ask you for help.)

Logo care of:

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