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cassandra demo app -- import a filesystem into cassandra and browse it, with versioning
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Cassandra Filesystem Browser

This is a quick demo app for my presentation on Cassandra for URUG, July 2010. Run file_tree.rb my_username /Root/of/filesystem to import your filesystem into Cassandra. Then browse it with the display_tree.rb sinatra app.

Run the same file_tree.rb command again to walk through the filesystem and update Cassandra with any changed files. This currently does not detect deletes.

Cassandra 0.6 Schema

<Keyspace Name="FileTree">
  <ColumnFamily Name="User" />
  <ColumnFamily Name="Directories" ColumnType="Super" CompareSubcolumnsWith="UTF8Type" />
  <ColumnFamily Name="Files" ColumnType="Super" CompareWith="LongType" />
  <ColumnFamily Name="FileNameSearch" CompareWith="UTF8Type" />




Required Gems

  • cassandra
  • sinatra
  • haml
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