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Arena Watcher #4

burnham opened this Issue · 7 comments

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Hi codels, congratulations for your nice works.
My issues is related with arena watcher, when a player access other players can see them, and also team can chat with spectors and if the spector want to leave from arena, is not possible, must wait until arena is finished.
Maebe should be good access in ghost mode, make a option command to leave and option for not chating in the momet players are in arena.

One more time "Good Job".


Mmm no me quedo tan bien xD

@codels or @burnham this is an option related to mute your watchers, i just was looking around and found this commit on georgious profile xD can't explain, this github is like wikipeadia links xD one thing goes another an so on...

Ill upload to gist stuff.

And i did another stuff, players are allowed to do some /emotes inside the arena, so, i put some checks and you'll get the idea xD some of my code that you would add into your script, i have a complete different, i made from scratches, looking the original one on ArenaTournament.

Im looking to get perfection on my script so, just looking around i saw this xD just wanna help with something.



Here it is:

(Can not chat)


Thanks to every one once again.


bug in the arena watcher
1.Arena watcher is not invisble in the arena.
2.Does not teleport arena watcher after end arena.


masdrn WTF? on the map to the right there is a button Leave Arena

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