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Localization notes for coders

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Instruction for translators can be found here.

Localization related bugs are here.

Localizable strings

  • If possible, it shouldn't include spaces or other non-printing characters before or after the sentence/expression.
  • TBD Comments to the localizers - maybe the POEditor system does not support it
  • TBD Concatenate strings with + (which is easier to read) or with join() (which is faster)?
  • TBD Which string formatting to use? It should be easily understood by the localizers.

Adding a new language to CogStat

Note for POEditor administrators

POEditor limitations

  • POEditor can import comments for the string from pot file, only if the string is new.
  • After importing terms from a .pot file linked from the GitHub page, POEditor will not delete unused terms. Still, this can be done
    • with Webhooks (GitHub integration page > Generate Webhook > Operation: Synv terms and translations > access the link)
    • or with manual import terms (after the import obsolete terms can be selected and deleted).

Note for transifex administrator

Problem. When uploading already translated .po files, transifex checks if %something is the same both in the source and target languages. However, this is unnecessary, e.g., in '95% confidence interval'. '95%%' would print 95%%, so using it is not a solution.

Solution. To overcome the problem,

  1. disable the translation check as described here,

  2. and remove the "#, python-format" lines (automatically generated by xgettext) from the appropriate strings in the .po files.

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Using CogStat

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