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How to create figures?

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See more generally how to compile the results.

  • Styles
    • All charts should follow the chosen matplotlib style
    • A few exceptions and their justifications:
      • Dashed and dotted line styles are overwritten, because in some styles they are hard to recognize
      • Axes colors to make sure that they are visible
      • Font size to avoid too large fonts
  • Titles
    • All figures should have a title
    • All axes should have titles/labels
    • For categorical/nominal axes preferably all values should be shown
  • Axes
  • Individual values
    • Raw data and sample properties charts should include the individual values. Population properties shouldn't include the individual values.
    • When displaying individual cases, size of the signs should be proportional with the number of cases with that values
      • The value the largest sign represent should be displayed (unless it is 1)
    • With repeated measure data the neighboring condition values should be connected
  • Ordinal variables

See also the chart related issues.

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