Other useful statistical programs

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CogStat is great, we know, but it is not designed for some tasks, or some planned features are not available yet. So here is a useful compilation for free and sometimes open source alternatives.

General purpose statistical programs

  • PSPP is an SPSS clone, meaning that it intends to be compatible with SPSS, and uses the same commands, and a similar user interface as SPSS. Although it is far from as comprehensive as SPSS, still PSPP could be appropriate for some simple tasks.
  • JASP uses Bayesian statistical analysis beyond the frequentist approach.
  • jamovi is a free stat software with JASP-like user interface, but concentrating more on classic analyses.
  • Spreadsheet programs, like Microsoft Excel, are not considered to be main tools for data and statistical analyses, but in fact they are quite powerful, and very useful for large part of the data analysis. LibreOffice Calc is a freely available and efficient spreadsheet software.
  • If you don't mind some code writing (e.g., modifying SPSS syntax files),

Specific statistical software packages

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