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One of the innovations brought to online news in Ireland was making user interaction central to each story. This has resulted in a vibrant community growing up around the site, adding a different set of perspectives to each article published.

However.. As with all online communities, sometimes the comments can get a bit.. noisy.

To this end, this simple chrome extension will turn off the regular comments on the site, and replace them with choice quotes from either The Muppets, Modern Family, The Thick of It or The West Wing. N.B. The Thick of It contains some very unparliamentary language, so may not be all that safe for work or for sensitive eyes.

Adding new comments

  • Add a js file to the content dir containing characters and quotes (see format of existing muppets.js/thickofit.js/westwing.js files)
  • Add entry for this file to popup.html (allows user to toggle between comments)
  • Add icon to /i/ folder to be shown on user popup
  • Add an entry for this js file to manifest.json, content_scripts->js, before journaliser.js


Available in the Chrome Store.