CSS3 tests aren't checking for -webkit prefixed versions #82

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Thus both Chrome for Android and MobileSafari fail the CSS3 tests. This is pretty misleading, since the web community is rallying around the -webkit prefixed versions. http://www.sitepoint.com/opera-css3-webkit-prefix/


since the web community is rallying around the -webkit prefixed versions

I'm not rallying around 'em. :p

@darobin is there a coremob discussion around prefixes I can hop into?

Core Mobile Web Platform W3C Community Group member

In our June F2F the group agreed on the following (see the full summary):

  • Coremob tests won't have prefixes
  • Implementers won't be punished for supporting them
  • Implementers won't get credit for supporting the feature if they don't support the prefix-less property

This implies the spec is in CR (which not all specs we're considering for inclusion might be at this time).

That said, we'd love to have you more involved, @paulirish. Care to join us for our London F2F in early October?


Cool. Thanks Tobie. :)

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