@eyakubovich eyakubovich released this Jun 25, 2015 · 564 commits to master since this release

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New features:

  • GCE backend -- analogous to AWS-VPC backend, this manipulates the GCE routes to provide no-encapsulation data plane. Thank you, @MohdAhmad
  • Client/Server mode (experimental) -- ability to isolate etcd from nodes by proxying their requests through a server.
  • Multi-network mode (experimental) -- run multiple networks at the same time with a single flannel daemon

Bug fixes and improvements:

  • Error on start if extraneous args are passed in. Thank you, @jayunit100
  • Do not reuse lease if config has changed and is incompatible with the lease.
  • AWS-VPC: Auto-detect route table ID if DescribeInstances permission is granted. Thank you, @MohdAhmad
  • VXLAN: Statically configure FDB entries. This fixes the first packet dropped issue. Thank you, @titanous and @MohdAhmad