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@sdemos sdemos released this Jan 27, 2018 · 1584 commits to master since this release

26-Jan-2017 IGNITION v0.21.0


- Add support for networkd drop-ins
- Add new program, ignition-validate, for validating Ignition configs
- Add "overwrite" field to "files", "directories", and "links" sections for
  deleting preexisting items at the node's path
- Add "options" field to "raid" section for specifying arbitrary mdadm
- Add "append" field to "files" section for appending to preexisting files
- Add support for specifying additional certificate authorities to use when
  fetching objects over HTTPS


- Validate that partition labels don't contain colons, as sgdisk will
  silently truncate the label
- Remove "-validate" flag from Ignition that was introduced in v0.20.0
- Warn when the mode for a file or directory is unset
- Log retries of HTTP fetches at info loglevel so messages appear on console

Bug Fixes

- Fix issue where unspecified fields in an appended config could "unset"
  fields specified in a config earlier in the chain
- Use timeouts specified in a config when fetching other configs referenced
  by it
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