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@jlebon jlebon tagged this 18 Feb 21:42
This is a minor follow-up release which pulls in a fix to
make sure users who don't enable auto-updates don't see an
increased lag at startup. Some other minor improvements were
also pulled in for auto-updates.
PR: #1261

The `status` command learned a new `--booted` switch to only
display the currently booted deployment.
PR: #1260

Colin Walters (1 PR, 1 commit)
  status: Add -b/--booted to only print that deployment (#1260)

Jonathan Lebon (3 PRs, 5 commits) Bump ostree build dep to v2018.2 (#1259)
  Release 2018.3 (#1262)
  PR: #1261
    daemon/sysroot: Emit UPDATED signal for configs
    auto-updates: Use service type `simple`
    daemon/os: Do less work on startup if auto-updates off

Git-EVTag-v0-SHA512: 98d134abdedfb06cd71f22e8ac8e3f39fc0dd4d7fddef9b0a56c34fa0932bfd98f54b987baf6808806f40fe865f20f2346637c42bdf5bb0b15cae193fb911e07
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