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Robot software stack

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This repo contains all the software used on our robots:

  • can-io-firmware contains the firmware that runs on the IO board
  • motor-control-firmware contains the firmware that runs on the motor board
  • proximity-beacon-firmware contains the firmware that runs on the proximity beacon, it's the same code as the motor board but with a different application that is tailored to the needs of our proximity beacon module
  • master-firmware contains the software that runs on the master board, it interfaces all the other boards over CAN and runs the robot's "intelligence".
  • eurobt contains documentation and cofiguration files specific to the Eurobot competition
  • minesweepers contains all code specific to our rover for the Minesweepers competition
    • minesweepers/doc contains design documentation
    • minesweepers/techreport contains the technical report source files
  • sensor-firmware contains code running on the sensor board
  • uwb-beacon-firmware contains code and documentation that runs on the UWB beacon board

Other important software components can be found in this repo:

  • lib contains all the libraries and building blocks we use on multiple boards, which includes:
    • lib/can-bootloader the bootloader that allows us to update our boards (IO and motor) over CAN
    • lib/ChibiOS the RTOS/HAL we use on all our boards
    • lib/uavcan the CAN communication library we use on all our boards
    • lib/error a logging library
    • lib/parameter a library to create and manage configurations of boards
    • lib/msgbus a publish/subscribe library for inter thread communication
    • and more.
  • tools groups all tools we use to develop on the robot including:
    • tools/pid-tuner a GUI to tune PID gains of motor boards over CAN, written using Python and Qt
    • tools/studio a set of introspection tools written in Python and Qt to debug our robots
  • uavcan_data_types contains the custom message definitions (DSDL) for the UAVCAN communication protocol
  • ci groups scripts and Docker files for our continuous integration server
  • user-guide contains high-level documentation about software and electronics components used on our robots

The user guide is generated using mdbook from doc/user-guide

Coding style

We use clang-format (tested with version 7 or greater) to enforce proper source code formatting. You can use the script in the root directory to format the whole source tree. You can also use clang-format -i --style=file src/foo.c to format a particular file. Finally, some editors include support for clang-format through plugin, check for yourself.