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Command line utility used to sum and format data from stdin
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README for unix_sum

Deprecation Notice

This repo has been deprecated. The sum-tool package should be used over this repo which can be accessed here:


Command line utility used to sum and format data from stdin. Input data must be sorted on the groupBy column for proper summing.


usage: [-h] -s SUM_COL [-g GROUPBY] [-f FIELD] [-c CHAR]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -s SUM_COL, --sum_col SUM_COL
                        Comma delim list of columns to sum on, this argument
                        is required, zero based.
  -g GROUPBY, --groupby GROUPBY
                        Comma delim list of columns to group by. If not used,
                        all input will be grouped, zero based.
  -f FIELD, --field FIELD
                        Comma delim list of fields to be printed, zero based.
  -c CHAR, --char CHAR  Input field delimiter, defaults to tab.


$ cat file
201308      data_type_1     13529
201309      data_type_1     390
201310      data_type_2     28223
201312      data_type_2     2239
201401      data_type_2     89
201310      data_type_1     14145
201311      data_type_1     23368
201312      data_type_1     24183
201401      data_type_1     29616
201402      data_type_1     23753
201308      data_type_2     24474
201309      data_type_2     9601
201402      data_type_2     11123
$ cat file | sort -k2,2 | -g 1 -s 2 -f 1,2
data_type_1 128984
data_type_2 75749
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