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Comments for static sites and authenticated users deployed as AWS Lambda
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  • This lambda is based on the idea behind of for publising comments into static sites.
  • Is compatible with and APIs.
  • It expects an "user" in the event.requestContext.authorizer.user (in my PoCs request are authorized with JWT/AWS API GW Custom Authorizer)

Environment variables

  • PROJECTID: required
  • OWNER: required, for github repos only
  • TOKEN: required
  • TYPE: "gitlab" or "github", default to gitlab
  • AUTHOR: for commit info, optional
  • COMMIT_MESSAGE: optional


The new file will be named like this:

https://[repo api endpoint]/data/comments/[body.item]/[user from authorizer]-[timestamp].json

You have to send in the POST message a field named "item" with the item that is being commented (url encoded).

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