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A blogging platform with no interface. Blot turns a folder into a blog. The point of all this — the reason Blot exists — is so you can use your favorite tools to create whatever you publish.

I recommend waiting until I write a guide before attempting to run Blot on your own server. Eventually I will refactor the code such that Blot can be installed quickly and simply. I will write the neccessary documentation and sell Blot at a reasonable price to self-hosters, with an option to pay more for support. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions: support@blot.im


Here is an illustration of Blot's current structure:

                    +-----------------------+      +-----------------------+
                    |                       |      |                       |
+----------+        |         NGINX         |      |                       |
|    The   <--------+                       +------>    Node.js Server     |
| Internet +--------> - SSL termination     <------+        (Blot)         |
+----------+        | - Serves static files |      |                       |
                    |                       |      |                       |
                    +--------------------^--+      +--^--------------------+
                                         ||          ||
                                         ||          ||
                                 |                              |
                                 |            Redis             |
                                 |                              |
                                 | - Stores SSL certificates    |
                                 | - Stores all data that       |
                                 |   can't be on disk for Blot. |
                                 |                              |

The Node.js server (Blot) itself is responsible for a small crew of child processes which handle things like image minification and document conversion. 

Inside this folder

    the code for the node.js application which is Blot

    configation for the system utilities which keep redis, NGINX and the node.js processes up

    scripts which help the server administrator

    integration tests and test configuration for blot

To do

Eventually, I would like to remove NGINX and handle SSL termination and static file delivery from the Node.js server. I'd also like to remove as much data as possible from Redis and store it on disk.