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RSpec has an active, friendly and supportive community. You can join us here:

Mailing List

If you’re stuck on something and you’re using RSpec, you might want to send an email to the community of other users. We’re generally a friendly and helpful bunch.

Before you do though, please keep in mind that the list is read and responded to by volunteers who are busy people. Be sure to ask your question clearly and concisely, and use tags to indicate the subject of your question in the subject line:

[Rails] (Rails has tons of other forums too – please only ask here if it’s RSpec related)
[OT] (Off topic)

Provide some context

Help us help you by providing the following information:

  • What rspec version you’re using: rspec --version, script/rspec --version for rails
  • What other gems and versions you’re using: gem list
  • What command you ran
  • What the output, error message and trace was: --backtrace
  • What relevant code you have. Don’t describe your code, show it:
  • And finally, tell us how to reproduce the error.

Responding to mailing list posts

Be sure to quote all relevant information from previous posts in the thread so readers don’t have to go searching through the thread to understand your response.

Also, please, please, please post inline rather than top-posting.


Cucumber now has its own mailing list, so please post your cucumber questions there.

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