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Graphical User Interface (GUI) for MongoDB Profiler. XMongoDBProfiler is a easy tool to perform profiling and collect profiling results.

You can save Profiling results to a Excel(*.xls) file with XMongoDBProfiler. No longer you need to struggle with MongoDB Shell. You can easily start a profiler and collect profiling results.

Requirements: Java Runtime Environment 1.5.0 or later (According to your operating system)

How to use XMongoDBProfiler?

1.	Download XMongoDBProfiler.zip or XMongoDBProfiler.tar.gz and extract it.
2.	Type ./run.sh in your terminal if you have UNIX-like operating system. If you are on windows just double click on "xmongodbprofiler-1.0.0.jar"
3.	Enter your MongoDB Server information including port, username, password and database.
4.	Change profiling result file path if you want. (By default it goes to home folder)
5.	Click "Start" Button.
6.	Once you are done with workflow, click on "Stop" button to stop profiling.

Download XMongoDBProfiler?

Visit http://web.dedunu.info/xmongodbprofiler/ and download latest binary.