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library for interacting with Dell SMBIOS tables
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Build Status Coverity Scan Build Status libsmbios provides a library to interface with the SMBIOS tables. It also provides extensions for proprietary methods of interfacing with Dell specific SMBIOS tables.


To build a libsmbios tarball, you will need the following dependencies, in whichever -devel package convention in use by your distribution:

  1. libxml
  2. autoconf
  3. automake
  4. gettext
  5. libtool


To build from a git checkout:

  $ ./     # internally runs configure automatically
  $ make

To Install

Standard autotools package:

$ make install

Documentation is in doxygen format. To view the docs, run make doxygen, then look in the out/libsmbios_c/html/index.html. Docs are also built as part of make all.

Distribution packages

Packages can be generated for RPM based distributions by using the helper script

# pkg/

Packages can be generated for DEB based distributions by using the helper script

# pkg/


This software is dual-licensed under GPL/OSL.

See GPL License and OSL License for more details.

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