Directus is a headless CMS written in backbone.js that provides a feature-rich environment for rapid development and management of custom database schemas.
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Directus Logo


Learn more at and follow us on Twitter: @directus

Directus is a free and open-source database API and "headless" CMS. Unlike traditional CMS that encompass your entire project codebase, the decoupled approach of Directus offers an API and SDKs to connect your content to: websites, native apps, kiosks, IoT devices, or any other data-driven projects. Directus makes no assumptions about how you should architect your database – giving you complete freedom to optimize structure and performance for projects of any size or complexity. Built on top of the API is our feature-rich admin webapp (CMS) webapp dynamically maps to your database's schema, instantly providing your users/clients with an intuitive interface for managing content.

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Community Preview

We release a static front-end preview of each upcoming version for community feedback. Please use the button on the bottom-right corner of the screen to leave feedback or recommendations. This is a work-in-progress and will continue to change:


New Contributors

We're currently a very small team looking to grow our network of contributors. If you're interested in helping advance the Directus framework please reach out to @BenHaynes, join us on Slack, or chat with us at We're actively seeking developers, designers, and testers who are willing to contribute time to:

  • The core codebase
  • Database Ports (PostgreSQL, SQLite, MongoDB, etc)
  • Server-side Ports (Node, RoR, Python, etc)
  • Custom UIs
  • Custom Extensions

Having Problems?

Think you discover a bug? First, read through our Docs to be sure – then submit a ticket to our GitHub Issues. And if you already know a good solution, we love pull-requests! For all security related issues, please chat with us directly through


Docs Repository – Available directly on GitHub with a history of changes from version 6+. For those interested in helping build, correct, or clarify the Directus docs – please submit pull-requests.


NGINX or Apache Server, PHP 5.5+, MySQL 5.2+, pdo_mysql, mysqli, mod_rewrite, curl, fileinfo, gd, and mcrypt


Directus releases are numbered with the following format and guidelines:


  • Breaking backwards compatibility bumps the major
  • New additions without breaking backwards compatibility bumps the minor
  • Bug fixes and misc changes bump the patch

For more information on semantic versioning, please visit

Database Types

While Directus has been abstracted to allow for different database adapters in the future, currently only MySQL is supported. PostgreSQL, SQLite, and MongoDB support is under development – and we hope to expand support for additional database types as we gain contributors.

Copyright, License, and Trademarks

  • Directus Core codebase released under the GPLv3.
  • Example Code, Design Previews, Demonstration Apps, Custom Extensions, Custom UIs, and Documentation copyright 2017 RANGER Studio LLC.
  • RANGER Studio owns all Directus trademarks, service marks, and graphic logos on behalf of our project's community. The names of all Directus projects are trademarks of RANGER Studio.

Feature Requests

If you would like to request or vote for new Directus features please visit our FeatHub page.

Feature Requests


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