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Open-source tools for a healthy Internet Immune System.


  1. diodb Public

    Open-source vulnerability disclosure and bug bounty program database.

    Python 879 291

  2. Collection of legal threats against good faith Security Researchers; vulnerability disclosure gone wrong. A continuation of work started by @attritionorg

    CSS 235 17

  3. A community-powered collection of all known bug bounty platforms, vulnerability disclosure platforms, and crowdsourced security platforms currently active on the Internet.

    272 83

  4. policymaker Public

    A free, open-source, multi-lingual, template-based VDP policy, safe harbor clause, securitytxt, and DNS Security TXT generator.

    12 9

  5. dioterms Public

    Open-source vulnerability disclosure policy templates.

    54 10

  6. diodata Public

    Tools, data, and contact lists relevant to The Project.

    316 52


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