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🚧 A tool to explain Kubernetes files and Helm charts for the DigitalOcean Community.
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Kubernetes Tool

A tool to explain Kubernetes files and Helm charts for the DigitalOcean Community.


To setup the build/develop environment, you will need to run npm i with Node 12+ installed. This will install the dependencies to allow you to build the project.

To develop for this tool run npm run dev. This will start a development server that will automatically reload the codebase when changes occur.

If you wish to host this tool on a service, simply run npm run build. This will run all the necessary build scripts automatically to build the tool.
You can then take the dist folder and put it on your web server/bucket.

GitHub Actions is setup to do this automatically for this repository to deploy to gh-pages. It is also configured to deploy each PR commit to DigitalOcean Spaces for PR previews.

Source Structure



This directory contains assets used by the tool, such as the SVG background designs for the landing screen of the tool. These SVG assets are build to JS files in build/svg by the build scripts.


In this directory lives all the internationalisation data and strings for the tool. Currently, this only contains the English versions of the strings but could be expanded in the future.


The scss directory contains the main SCSS styling file for the tool, which imports our do-bulma library and then adds tool-specific customisations.


This directory contains all the Vue templates that are used to render the tool on the client-side. app.vue is the main Vue file that all other templates are referenced into.


In this directory is all the utility scripts (such as githubFs which provides fs like navigation of GitHub repos) and logic written in TypeScript that makes the tool work as expected.


The resource definitions directory contains all the (custom) resource definitions that the Kubernetes parser within the tool uses to understand Kubernetes files. Included is a JavaScript import script that allows for new resource definitions to be loaded in.


If you are contributing, please read the contributing file before submitting your pull requests.

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