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@andrewhsu andrewhsu released this Aug 18, 2017 · 12532 commits to master since this release


Items starting with DEPRECATE are important deprecation notices. For more
information on the list of deprecated flags and APIs please have a look at where target removal dates can also
be found.

17.06.1-ce (2017-08-17)


  • Fix a regression, where ADD from remote URL's extracted archives #89
  • Fix handling of remote "git@" notation #100
  • Fix copy --from conflict with force pull #86


  • Make pruning volumes optional when running docker system prune, and add a --volumes flag #109
  • Show progress of replicated tasks before they are assigned #97
  • Fix docker wait hanging if the container does not exist #106
  • If docker swarm ca is called without the --rotate flag, warn if other flags are passed #110
  • Fix API version negotiation not working if the daemon returns an error #115
  • Print an error if "until" filter is combined with "--volumes" on system prune #154


  • Fix stderr logging for journald and syslog #95
  • Fix log readers can block writes indefinitely #98
  • Fix awslogs driver repeating last event #151


  • Fixed issue with driver options not received by network drivers #127
  • Fixed issue with overlay network IP address reuse #197


  • Make plugin removes more resilient to failure #91


  • Prevent a goroutine leak when healthcheck gets stopped #90
  • Do not error on relabel when relabel not supported #92
  • Limit max backoff delay to 2 seconds for GRPC connection #94
  • Fix issue preventing containers to run when memory cgroup was specified due to bug in certain kernels #102
  • Fix container not responding to SIGKILL when paused #102
  • Improve error message if an image for an incompatible OS is loaded #108
  • Fix a handle leak in go-winio #112
  • Fix issue upon upgrade, preventing docker from showing running containers when --live-restore is enabled #117
  • Fix bug where services using secrets would fail to start on daemons using the userns-remap feature #121
  • Fix error handling with not-exist errors on remove #142
  • Fix REST API Swagger representation cannot be loaded with SwaggerUI #156


  • Redact secret data on "secret create" #99

Swarm Mode

  • Do not add duplicate platform information to service spec #107
  • Cluster update and memory issue fixes #114
  • Changing get network request to return predefined network in swarm #150
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