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Awesome Docsify Awesome Lint Awesome List

A curated list of awesome things related to docsify.

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  • styled-wind - A magical implementation of tailwind-like classnames into styled-components.
  • pyecharts - Documentation for pyecharts. A Python Echarts Plotting Library.
  • gallery-pyecharts - A Data Visualization Gallery Based on pyecharts.
  • Posthtml - Documentation for PostHTML, a tool to transform HTML/XML with JS plugins.
  • Explore Wanchain - Documentation for Wanchain, a blockchain with smart contracts, private transactions, and cross-chain features.
  • Laravel SweetAlert2 - Documentation for Laravel SweetAlert2, A beautiful, responsive, highly customizable and accessible (WAI-ARIA) replacement for JavaScript's popup boxes for Laravel.
  • Security List - A series of personal cyber security tools, resources and checklists.
  • Snipaste - Snip & Paste.
  • Vudash - Powerful, Flexible, Open Source dashboards for anything.
  • JS MythBusters - An optimization handbook from a high level point of view.
  • samlify - Node.js SAML2 library.
  • palettify - A color palette effects assistant.
  • commitlint - Lint commit messages.
  • vue-data-tables - A simple and customizable data table, based on vue2 and element-ui.
  • Noty - A Dependency-free notification library.
  • xTeko - Addins framework for Pin 3.0.
  • vue2-datatable-component - The best Datatable for Vue.js 2.x which never sucks.
  • Solidarity - Environment enforcer for your projects across machines.
  • IT-films - A curated list of awesome movies, documentaries and TV series about hackers, geeks and IT in common, sorted by IMDB rating.
  • zooming - Image zoom that makes sense.
  • vue-sticker - Vue component, that helps to make sticky effects.
  • vue-orgchart - Vue.js wrapper for OrgChart.js.
  • Vue Content Loading - Easily build (or use presets) SVG loading cards like Facebook.
  • Tracy Debugger for ProcessWire - The ultimate debugging and development tool for the ProcessWire CMF/CMS.
  • Tina.js - A lightweight and progressive Wechat Mini-Program framework.
  • pino - Super fast, all natural json logger.
  • fastd - A High-Performance API Framework.
  • Xenus - An elegant MongoDB ODM for PHP.
  • You-need-to-know-css - CSS tricks web developers need to know.
  • OCCA - Library for programming multiple backends (OpenMP, CUDA, and OpenCL) with JIT compiled kernels.
  • class-change.js - A micro-library for manipulating CSS class names, triggering change events using HTML data attributes, and creating declarative class-related event listeners.
  • docx - Easily generate .docx files with JS/TS.
  • RCOS Handbook - Organization manual for Rensselaer Center for Open Source.
  • Veritone - Veritone aiWare docs for AI as a service platform and MachineBox.
  • 🎨 Osiris UI - A Vue.js 2.0 universal responsive UI component library.
  • Oglang - Oglang: a language like coffee-script that compiles to Golang.
  • - State management and more for turn based games.
  • Rambda - Lightweight functional JS library.
  • ve-charts - ECharts 4.x for Vue.js 2.x.
  • 👨‍🎓 JCSprout - Basic, concurrent, algorithm(处于萌芽阶段的 Java 核心知识库).
  • axios-api-versioning - Add easy to manage api versioning to axios.
  • 🎓 🎨 Reading - Reading notes of 300 awesome books (Will keep on for another 20 years).
  • Learn Blockchain by Code - The code and book about learning blockchain by code. (《区块链系统实现》开源书籍及源代码仓库)
  • Fairlay API - Exchange & prediction markets API.
  • Tainacan Wiki - Documentation for Tainacan - a flexible and powerfull repository platform for WordPress.
  • 🛸 Jasonelle - Make iOS and Android Apps with JSON.
  • Saasify - A new way for devs to earn passive income.
  • Regauge - A command line interface for react app bundled with webpack, prettier and many more.
  • google-spreadsheet (npm module) - A Google Sheets API wrapper for JavaScript.
  • Pwn notebook📖 - CTF writeup & Notes of learning pwn. (Pwn 笔记本)@TaQini
  • 👷 📙 docsify-js-tutorial - A guide to using DocsifyJS to setup and configure a docs site around your markdown docs. It is also built on DocsifyJS. @MichaelCurrin.
  • 🐦 🐍 python-twitter-guide - Code snippets and links to docs around using the Twitter API and Tweepy on Python 3. @MichaelCurrin.
  • 🔂 ⏳ 🦄 unicron - A simple scheduler to ensure tasks run exactly once per day but get retried at intervals until the task passes. Ideal for machines which are not always online. @MichaelCurrin.
  • eDok - A safe, full featured SaaS ECM (Electronic Content Management) for the paperless business. The product, documentation and terms pages are implemented with docsify. Written in Brazilian Portuguese.
  • codoxify - Generate Clojure documentation for docsify.
  • ebay-node-api - Node.js wrapper for all eBay API's.
  • Start Testing - A crowdsourced testing course, written by testers for testers wannabes.
  • Restish - A CLI for modern REST APIs. Example of Docsify with custom syntax highlighting.
  • Block Builder - JS library for building Block Kit UIs for Slack apps.
  • express-jsdoc-swagger - Node.js library for generating Swagger OpenAPI 3.x UI.
  • Spear-framework - A best vulnerability collection platform.
  • NoteBook - Record the computer professional knowledge you have learned along the way.
  • breadbot - A discord bot who likes bread -or jokes.
  • 幸福拾荒者 - A poetic front-end documentation library.
  • 字节飞扬 - A blog documenting personal growth. (互联网是有记忆的,我想留下一些成长的脚印)
  • 侠客岛 - A back-end stack sharing platform. (一个后端技术栈分享平台,主要专注于后端相关的专题学习、读书笔记、技术文档等)
  • euchre-cli - Play euchre in your terminal.
  • - Instantly deploy your docs with Docsify without any code!
  • Anki - A powerful cross-platform flashcard program which makes remembering things easy.
  • inlets - The documentation for inlets ("The Cloud Native Tunnel") is deployed with docsify.
  • Cypher Notepad - The user-friendly, plain-text editor with Hybrid Encryption.
  • advanced-react-cli - NPM package which aims to provide a better way to install packages for your react application through an intuitive CLI.
  • - The perfect slide deck solution for Tech Conferences, Training, Developer Advocates, and Educators.
  • gitmoji-changelog - A changelog generator for gitmoji 😜.
  • Jitbit Helpdesk API Docs - Jitbit Helpdesk (a ticketing system) uses Docsify for its API docs portal.
  • try-docsify - VS Code development container demo site and template repository for Docsify.
  • Nebra Helium Docs - The documentation of the Helium HNT Hotspot Miners from Nebra Ltd.
  • Attacking Javaer - Attacking Javaer computer science wiki, running hard on the road to the full stack.
  • X-M-UI - A vue project for X-M-UI.
  • sa-token - A lightweight Java authority authentication framework. (一个轻量级java权限认证框架)
  • celery.node - Celery task queue client/worker for Node.js.
  • asdf - A version manager for multiple languages and clis.
  • Corhyam's Wiki - A personal wiki that deploys to the cloud rapidly, based on Serverless Framework.
  • Apollo - A reliable configuration management system.
  • Sureness - A simple and efficient open-source security framework that focus on protection of REST API.
  • ArchLinuxTutorial - Arch Linux Tutorial. (Arch Linux 安装使用教程)
  • What's up Docker? - A tool that helps you keep your Docker containers up-to-date.
  • Layotto - Layotto (L8):To be the next layer of OSI layer 7.
  • LinuxNetworkProgrammingAndEncryption - Linux Network Programming And Encryption. (Linux 网络编程与加密 WIP)
  • BitcoinMythBusters - BitcoinMythBusters: Copy & Pasteable rebuttals to common critiques regarding Bitcoin.
  • Hyrule Compendium API - A web API serving data on items from the video game The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.
  • NOJ Online Judge - Yet another open-source online judge platform based on Laravel, NOJ stands for Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications Online Judge.
  • ShellTutorial - Shell Tutorial. (Linux 命令行与 Shell 脚本教程)
  • node-musickit-api - Documentation for node-musickit-api, a wrapper for the Apple Music API.
  • LabVIEW编程经验 - A book for LabVIEW programing.
  • Coding-Tree - Learn Notes for coding, include: js、Python、PHP、Java、Canvas.
  • Hathora - Multiplayer game framework.
  • @nathanpb/Kext (Kotlin Extensions for TypeScript) - Kotlin inspired TypeScript utility library for easy and declarative programming.
  • @nathanpb/progress - Highly customizable CLI progress bars for JavaScript.
  • ERC721A - Mint multiple NFTs for close to the cost of one.
  • Laravel-QuickStart - Laravel Boilerplate based on TALL Stack (Frontend + Backend).
  • Taio Documentations - Documentations for the Taio app.
  • Taio Actions Directory - Actions directory for the Taio app.
  • Taio Dev Notes - Development Notes for the Taio app.
  • Third Wave Coffee Base - A RESTful API that details coffee product listings from third wave coffee roasters.
  • OpenHaus documentation - Auto generated documentation for OpenHaus from the source code of the project.

Community Resources

  • docsify-open-course-starter-kit - A ready-to-use template to create a Docsify open course website. Global navigation elements can be hidden for seamlessly embedding pages (i.e. into an LMS). Includes an optional "Edit this Page" link. @hibbittsdesign.
  • docsify-open-multicourse-starter-kit - A MultiCourse variation of the Docsify Open Course Starter Kit to quickly create a Markdown-based open multi-course site with the site generator Docsify. Global navigation elements can be hidden for seamlessly embedding pages (i.e. into an LMS). Includes an optional "Edit this Page" link. @hibbittsdesign.
  • docsify-open-publishing-starter-kit - A ready-to-use template to create a Docsify open publishing site. Global navigation elements can be hidden for seamlessly embedding pages into other platforms. Includes an optional "Edit this Page" link. @hibbittsdesign.
  • docsify-dotnet-core - This project demonstrates how we can add docisfy in a ASP.NET Core 3.0 application and serve documentation site.
  • 👷 📙 docsify-js-tutorial - A guide to using DocsifyJS to setup and configure a docs site around your markdown docs. It is also built on DocsifyJS. @MichaelCurrin.
  • docsify-notebooks - Template for building notebooks with DocsifyJS. Made with ❤️ by @MonkeyAndres.
  • 🐳 docsify-docker - 🐋 Docisify Docker image. @sujaykumarh
  • docsify-nightly - Nightly release for docsify. @sy-records.
  • docker-docsify-pdf - Quickly create a PDF with a table of contents and a custom cover, using Docker. @kernoeb.



Enterprise Usage


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